Natural Resources


The Soci-Água Atlas is an updated version of the georeferenced database on Sanitation and Health, Irrigation for Food Production, and Energy Production in Hydropower Plants. IVIG produced the Atlas in partnership with the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), financed by Finep. The work was ordered by the Ministry of Science and Technology and assembled a comprehensive survey of the three issues. Thirty researchers from IVIG and FGV participated in this updated edition, from engineers to architects, biologists, geographers, sociologists and economists, and it was coordinated by professor Marcos Freitas. The work is part of the project called Social Impacts of Public Policies related to Water Resources, of the CT-Hidro (Water Resources Sectoral Fund) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which ordered this survey to IVIG in 2006. The first edition of the Atlas was issued in 2009.