In infrastructure, IVIG participated in projects of duplication, pavement and construction of new stretches of seven federal roads, and their geological characteristics represented the largest challenge of the works. Road BR 319, for instance, crosses the center of the Amazon forest, linking the state capitals of Manaus (AM) and Porto Velho (RO).

In each road, the staff found scenarios with different features due to the diversity of a country with continental dimensions such as Brazil. The capability to develop solutions in all locations characterized the work of IVIG researchers. Over the last years, within the scope of the work developed for these roads, the Institute was responsible for the elaboration and execution of two Basic Environmental Plans (PBAs).

IVIG’s technical staff worked in the roads listed below, among others:

  • BR 319 /  Manaus (AM) - Porto Velho (RO)                                      
  • BR 163 / Santarém (PA) - Cuiabá (MS)                  
  • BR 230 / Cabedelo (PB) - Lábrea (MA)    
  • BR 158 / Altamira (PA) - Santana do Livramento (RS)
  • BR 101 – Touros (RN) - São José do Norte (RS) 
  • BR 422 Novo Repartimento – Tucuruí (PA)