Hydropower Plants

IVIG has developed many works related to the use of hydraulic energy and its insertion in the environment and society. The following works stand out:

  • Environmental management and licensing, with technical and scientific support from IBAMA, for decision-making regarding the hydropower plants of rivers Madeira and Xingú.
  • Structuring systems of georeferenced information on energy, water resources, environment, population and infrastructure in the water basin of the Tocantins river and in the transboundary basin of the Madeira river. The Hidro_Clim Project developed with resources from the P&D from Furnas and supervision from ANEEL stands out.
  • Evaluation of climate vulnerability and identification of adaptation measures for the energy sector, focusing on hydroelectricity, on the basins of the Amazon river and the River Plate. Financed by the Global Environmental Fund – GEF, UNEP, OAS, ACTO.
  • Management of water resources and hydraulic potentials in the transboundary basin of the Amazon river. Financed by the Pró-Sul Program of CNPq.
  • Participation in the Special Report of the IPCC on Renewable Energies – SREEN 2011, Chapter V – Hydropower