Technological Risk

The Group for Environmental and Technological Risk Analysis (GARTA) specializes in applied research and aims at identifying and calculating the probability of large accidents occurring and the respective control actions necessary through techniques of risk analysis. GARTA evaluates vulnerability and the occurrence of possible accidents using mathematical modeling, composes high-complexity scenarios to organize emergency drills and plans response systems for cases of technological and natural disasters.

GARTA has worked for large companies and governmental bodies such as: the Aluminum Consortium of the State of Maranhão (Alumar), Braskem/Triken, the Brazilian Mint, the National Company of Álcalis, Indústria de Defensivos Agrícolas (Defensa), El Paso Energy, Eletrobrás, Eletronuclear, Petrobras/ABAST, Petrobras/BR, Petrobras/E&P-AM, Petrobras/E&P-RN/CE, Petrobras/Transpetro and Petroflex.